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LUYCD - Liberian United Youth for Community Safety and Development

Ganta City, Saclepiah Road, LPMC
Ganta, Nimba County, P. O. Box 3510

Phone # - +231 6 913 664

email - luycd2003@yahoo.com

This organization is a youth organization that is based in the rural area of Liberia and registered with the Ministry of Planning within the Republic of Liberia. It is an innovative community based organization in search of support to achieve its objectives to cater to the most needy people in Liberia. We work for community based organizations. We provide scholarship for children who do not have any support. We provide free medication to people with disabilities and sick people with incurable diseases. We also provide skill training for war affected widows, their children and another children. We're also advocate, through peace building, community safety, water and sanitation and creating a forum for clinics and hospitals to discuss patients' safety and care around the fifteen counties in the Republic of Liberia.

This program were implemented along with Liberian United to expose hidden weapons (LUEHW), sponsored by UNDP.

Our scholarship program for the needy children was established after we recognized the high illiteracy rate and TH pregnancies and spreading HIV/Aids and other diseases within the fifteen counties in the Republic of Liberia with the objective search for education Therefore, we decided to establish this scholarship program to enable them to have free education and to be empowered financially so that our society cannot be destroy by those viruses (HIV/Aids). Our objectives have not being achieved throughout the fifteen counties due to the low funding capacity and lack of funding or international support.

We're asking the international community and national and local organizations to assist us in this process with building up our funding capacity to put us in the position that we can cater to the most needy people who have lost all their property, and some their children and the children who lose their parents and who do not have anyone to care for their livelihood today. We will highly appreciate if God grants you the wisdom to think about Liberia and save the lives of many.

Remember that your wisdom today to share your resources from your organization to Liberian United Youth for Community Safety and Development is one of the major steps you will ever take in Africa. In Liberia today, the illiteracy rate is at 95% and the diseased going to the clinics and hospitals is at 90% due to all the diseases these people are affected by. We're waiting for you to get involved in the LUYCD activities in Liberia / Ganta City.

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

Send LUYCD - Liberian United Youth for Community Safety and Development an email.

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