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Yam Food Promotion Project - YFP

Bulyasojjo Rd, P.O. Box 219

Phone # - 256-777318950

Cell # - 256-777318950

eMail - yamfoodproject@gmail.com


Yam Food Promotion project (YFP) is a community Based Organisation(CBO) which was formed and registered with Masindi District in 2010 with the view to promote yam farming.

There are over two hundred varieties of yams, but YFP is promoting Dioscorea species known as the Nigerian yam or locally called Birali in Lunyoro, Kyetutumula in Luganda, and Obaro in Luo.


Towards a hunger free Nation by the Year 2015 and beyond.


To enhance food security through increased growing and utilization of the yam food crop by mobilizing small holder farmers to plant at least 1000 acres by the year 2015 in Masindi District and the nearby Northern Region Districts.


  • The Broad Objectives
    • To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger as per the Millennium Development Goal Number One by the year 2015
  • Specific Objectives
    1. To enhance food security in Masindi District
    2. To protect the Yam as a uniquely delicious African food Rhizome
    3. To eradicate extreme hunger and poverty amongst the disadvantaged/ vulnerable persons in the community, through yam growing
    4. To promote the four pillars of food security in the project area: Availability, Stability of Supply, Access and Utilization
    5. To promote knowledge and information exchange on modern farming techniques, sustainable utilization of resources and entrepreneurship.
  1. Running workshops to small holder farmers on the Yam farming activities.
  2. Carrying out training seminars of local leaders on the usefulness of the yam crop to the farmers and the need for their support and guidance to them
  3. To carry out Advocacy and Lobbying at the community, National and International levels, to ensure sustainable support towards Yam farming activities.
  4. To carry out demonstration plots for target farmers.
  5. To train the general population on how to prepare the various recipes of the Yam food. Baked, boiled, fried, pounded and roasted yam to the communities.
  6. To establish and run other income generating activities (IGAs) in order to support the achievement of YFP,s objectives.
  1. It can tolerate long dry spells even when other crops register total crop failure; Yam harvests can still sustain the food requirements for individual house holds
  2. It is easily adaptable to the different soils and climatic conditions and hence a National crop
  3. It can be consumed through different preparations and processing methods (Recipes)
  4. It is a very nutritious food that includes Carbohydrates, 21% dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Discoretine
  5. Its production costs is low compared to others (Lazy mans Food)
  6. The tuberous roots can store long after harvest (up to 5 months) and hence a priority food reserve
  7. Yams are quick yielding 6-8 months.
  8. There are high yielding varieties that can produce up to 15 kgs from only 5 gms of seedling
YFP is currently seeking for more partners or individuals to work with in the fight against food insecurity in the region.

YFP has offices along Bulyasojo Road Opposite Kitara Primary School.

For more information about us please contact:

Yam Food Promotion Project
P.O. Box 219,Masindi - Uganda

Tel - 256-777318950 or 256-772577194 or 256-782442608

Email - yamfoodproject@gmail.com

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

Send Yam Food Promotion Project an email.

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