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Center for Learning & Development - CLD

200 W. Highway 6, Suite 503
Waco, TX 76712

Phone # - 254-751-0922

FAX # - 254-751-0547

email - info@cldtx.org

home page - www.cldtx.org

The CENTER FOR LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT (CLD), established in 1992, is a non-profit public service organization whose mission is to pursue, with other professionals, agencies, families and schools, better strategies which support children through the struggles of learning. Currently, CLD is working with multiple school districts across Texas to provide educational training and consultation, while also developing software and learning tools to support students in the process of learning. Since 1997, CLD has developed research-based software that allows students to learn information in a fun, game-like format. These software programs include: Learning Profiler©, Parts & Charts©, Spellbound for Success©, Study Hall 101© and Study Skills Station©.

In the past 30 years, significant strides have been made in the recognition, understanding, and remediation of learning disorders; however, translating this information so that it becomes useful to a single struggling child, the family, and the school who serves the child is a much more daunting task. We know that 1 of every 5 school children struggles with a learning problem. Children with learning disorders struggle daily and are at risk for many negative outcomes often suffering academic failure, loss of self-esteem and self-worth to the point they shut down, become behavior problems, drop out of school, or become delinquents. We cannot afford to lose even one.

CLD has become a hub from which training and best practices have been shared with educators, juvenile justice professionals, parents, and other community professionals who work with struggling youth across Texas and beyond. Projects include: serving over 16,000 participants through extensive training workshops on learning issues (TASB Approved Provider); assessing the effectiveness of an adolescent coping skills curriculum as a deterrent for negative behaviors in multiple settings (regular education, alternative education, and juvenile justice settings); writing age-appropriate coping skills curricula for use in the general education classroom to improve school climate and individual behavior; helping juvenile justice personnel address the issues surrounding learning-disabled delinquent youth; and building research-based, model demonstration programs for academically at-risk youth in school settings (dropout prevention programs, response-to-intervention programs, and reading remediation programs).

Many of our findings have been pulled together to design an award-winning program known as GRAND CENTRAL STATION (GCS). GCS is a supportive learning environment housed within a state-of-the-art learning "hub". Designed with four levels of intensity of intervention, GCS has become an effective Response-to-Intervention (RtI) service delivery model for elementary and secondary schools alike. It is multi-funded so that it can serve any student who struggles academically regardless of their label or lack thereof. Since the spring of 2000, the program has been able to decrease the failure rate for at-risk students in fully-implemented GCS labs by an average of 60 - 70%. In 2003, the program was named as a Best Practice in Region 12 and received the prestigious Promising Practices award from the Texas Education Agency. To date, over 200 schools have received intensive training on the implementation of this model program.

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