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The Carol Sanders Whitsett Foundation

C/O Bank of America - P.O. Box 27486
Houston, Texas 77227-7486

Phone # (713) 977-5259

FAX # (713) 977-5977

email - tfmosser@msn.com

Founded by a gifted over achiever, Valedictorian of Jesse Jones HS 57', Valedictorian of her Un. of Houston College of Pharmacy Class of 66', An Eli Lilly National Merit Scholar, Carol received a partial mastectomy and was reconstructed with Baxter Silicone Breast Implants that ruptured in a 1986 Auto Accident. These implants were replaced with Dow Silastic that ruptured in 1991. Due to the resulting Immune Dysfunction Orphan Diseases, Carol grew to be totally disabled, under full time oxygen support, and survived on a SSI Disability Pension, Medicare, Medicaid until she passed her spirit to the Kingdom of GOD in February 2002.

The Foundation, a 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Medical Research entity, has discovered a treatment/cure to remove silicone, anti bodies, and toxic materials found in implants, from the body and blood chemistry of over 200,000+ ladies who suffer from the Immune Dysfunction Diseases of Lupus, CFIDS, Sjogrens, Memory Impairment, lack of adequate blood oxygen content. There is also some testimony that a related treatment may have the capacity to dissolve the envelope of the AIDS Virus. The Foundation seeks to raise $2.5 Million to equip, staff, and operate a "Tissue Cleansing" Research Clinic which will apply for a FDA/NIH Research Grant to verify the effectiveness of the treatment. If successful, Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance will become available for this medical service. Please be generous and pray for our success. Carol believed and promised that GOD would bless you 10 x 10 for your financial assistance. She created a signature for her Foundation..."Love, Best Wishes, GOD Bless".

This organization has informed us they are qualified to receive tax deductible contributions.

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