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Child Alert Foundation

Box 357 RT 87 South
Dushore, PA 18614

Phone # (570) 928-8422

email - caf-info@childalert.org

home page - http://www.childalert.org/

Child Alert Foundation

The Child Alert Foundation is the focal point for providing immediate notification for the cooperative effort between local media (radio/TV) and law enforcement agencies. This program will identify the target city of an abduction and locate the radio/TV stations as well as police departments within a 100 mile radius to formulate the fastest method for first alert notification.

CAF is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. The copyrighted Abduction Central Alert (ACA) software program available from CAF is on the cutting edge of technology and uses the latest developments in Internet database management and computer telecommunications to provide police nationwide with a new tool to combat this crime.

The Abduction Central Alert (ACA)© program is an unattended, automatic process for law enforcement where, if an alert is activated, an immediate 100 mile radius around where the report was taken is identified. The system not only sends faxes, emails, and create posters on the CAF website, but also activates pagers of front line personnel. We notify adjacent police, radio, television and any other support organizations that are on the contact list for that location; all initiated within a matter of seconds. We also post the results of the alert process on our CAF Calendar of Events so that everyone can see the extent of what transpired.

Rather than focus on one particular form of alert, Abduction Central Alert (ACA)© utilizes every facet of telecommunications to notify the surrounding community that an alert has been issued.

Statistics show that over 200,000 children a day are missing in the United States. On November 1, 1998, CAF was incorporated in Pennsylvania as a non-profit organization to fight this crime. Since that time, our (ACA)© software has been put to use in nine states across the country, with 10 more pending. Our goal is to blanket the entire United States with (ACA)© protection to keep children everywhere safe. (ACA)© is not limited in itís functions to only the U.S. Itís only boundaries are those that the facility in use places on it. It can cross states as well as countries.

Learn more about the ACA System
* Instant ACA© Available For Personal PCs
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Make your neighborhood "CAF Safe"

Child Alert Foundation

Please let is know your thoughts and give us your guidance and support.

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Send the Child Alert Foundation an email.
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