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Soul Salvation Ministers

11919 N. Jantzen Ave.
PMB 189
Portland, Oregon 97217

Phone/Fax # (503) 331-0759

email - mae9@prodigy.net

Many are called, few chosen. What you should know to find Christ.

Soul Salvation Ministers is seeking your Moral and Financial Support to bring the church together in One Faith, One Lord, and One Baptism. By following the teachings of Christ's disciples, you can receive his Gift, that holds the Mystery of the Bible.

King James was chosen to write the Bible, because God wanted his people to know that he can use a sinner to preach his word, also it's a sin not to study and read the Bible daily.

The Study Reference of the King James Bible, the New Strong Concordance, is not sold in every book store that sells Bibles.

Stop our neighbor's who are fighting about were to put the prison for God's people who are lost. Visit our web site to learn more and order your New Strong Concordance today.

This organization has informed us they are not qualified to receive tax deductible contributions

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