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Israel Humanitarian Foundation [IHF]

276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 901
New York, NY 10001

Phone # (212) 683-5676

Fax # (212) 213-9233

email - norma@ihf.net

home page - www.ihf.net


The Israel Humanitarian Foundation (IHF) is one of the top U.S. philanthropic supporters of Israel. Unlike many other Jewish humanitarian organizations, IHF is uniquely structured so it can respond to a need for funds very quickly by directly providing resources to a wide range of humanitarian causes in Israel. IHF is not associated with any political party or organization.


IHF supports more than 121 different projects, which are categorized under these five project areas:
  • Humanitarian,
  • Education,
  • Medical,
  • Youth-in-Need and
  • Elderly
Each of these projects supports a diverse range of concerns that impact children and families in need; medical research and treatment; learning, from elementary education through graduate degrees; assisting the elderly with enriching their daily lives and many humanitarian projects that reach out to help the disabled, mentally challenged and the culturally disadvantaged.


With a national office, three regional offices and an office in Tel Aviv, its outreach to Jews in large and smaller communities throughout the United States, IHF is able to provide detailed information on its philanthropic work to its donors. IHF is able to keep its donors well informed about the causes they support with the assistance of its office in Israel. The local presence in Israel allows IHF to carefully monitor projects and research for new ones specifically of interest to donors.


Through donor directed choice, IHF puts the project decision right in the hands of the donor by helping to find the project that matches their desire to help. The concept of choice at IHF is also unique because it allows its donors to make these giving decisions balanced by personal financial realities and goals that best determine their method of giving: through direct cash donations, gift annuities, charitable trusts and bequests.


IHF recognizes Israel as the symbol for the continuity of Jewish life and of the success of Jewish survival. We believe that we must invest our energies to strengthen the links between the Jews in Israel and the Diaspora. This is where the roots of our Jewish family are and we have a responsibility to protect the embodiment of the Jewish will to survive that is Israel.

The Charity of Choice

212-683-5676 or 1-888-434-5IHF
FAX 212-213-9233
E-Mail us at: info@ihf.net

This organization has informed us they are qualified to receive tax deductible contributions.

Send Israel Humanitarian Foundation [IHF] an email.
Visit the Israel Humanitarian Foundation [IHF] home page.

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