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WeCareToo Non-Profit Organizations / Nigeria

Action Network for Mass Education (ANME) - a non governmental organisation working for mass education and enlightenment in Africa

African Foundation for Peace and Love Initiatives (AFPLI) - working in Africa for a future land of peace by establishing peace clubs and establishing a peace building curriculum in schools

African Institute For Critical, Creative And Caring - working to improve the quality of schools in Nigeria

African Thinkers Empowerment NIG. Ltd. - believes that a person is a creative agent of God contributing to the renewal of the world

Alert Africa Youth Foundation - helps youth rediscover themselves for a better future with dignity

Anticorruption and Dialogue Initiative - anti corruption crusaders and advocates of conflict resolution via dialogue

The Apostolic Charity Organization - a non-profit interdenominational ministry dedicated to serving the spiritual and physical needs of orphaned and destitute African children in the name of Jesus Christ

Association Of African Philosophy For Children Inc. - strives to introduce the spirit of reasonableness and tolerance to African youth and initiate them to democratic living

ATCOI Philosophy for Children - makes available to youth an andragogical education that builds critical-thinking, creative-thinking, caring-thinking and synergic-living

Be Ye Separate Crusadae Ministry - provides education, health services and social amenities to the less privileged in society

Bible Truth Publishers Association - propagates the good news to the Gentiles and less privileged

CAHTSEC - Nigeria - a non-profit organization working in Nigeria since 1998 for prevention of trafficking in children and women and their sexual exploitation

Capacity Building Network - works towards enhancing community development with much emphasis on human development for our youths and women in Africa and Asia

Caring and Uplifting Widows / Orphans (CUWO) - established out of a need to restore a sense of belonging to widows, orphans and vulnerable children through the transformative value of empowerment

Centre for Environmental and Community Development - dedicated to environmental protection with an emphasis on the rainforest

Charisma IG Foundation - working to protect women and provide support to HIV sufferers

Charity For Help - cares for the less privileged in society, promotes cultural and rural development and health awareness and provides social amenities to society and sponsors educational programs

Child Evangelism & Education Outreach - a para-church ministry bringing the word of God to less privileged children and their parents

Child Rights International - creating awareness of the fundamental rights of the child and redressing perceived infraction of these rights

Child Saviours Africa - celebrates and gives to meet the essential needs of the new born

Chosen For Sanctity - striving to overcome the abuses of premarital sex

Christian Centre For Relief, Research And Economic Dev. - christian centres for sending relief assistance for the needy and the less privileged people and the poor

Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation - provides free health care and humanitarian services to the surrounding rural communities and beyond

Christian Mission for Needy Children Inc - a christian organisation working for the needy children and the disabled ones in the society

Clean and Green Cities Foundation (CgCf) - concerned with the sensitization of the populace for the promotion of healthier environmental habits and attitudes

CMA - Christian mission association working in Nigeria

Coal City University - Peace Education and Synergic Education NIG. Ltd. - organizes peace and justice retreats, human right studies, environmental network for community peace and promotes synergistic thinking

Community Life Project - offers help and support to the poor and needy of Nigeria

Computer Aid Project - working to make computers available for all Nigerians

Delphi Initiative Group - a youth empowerment group based in the Niger delta region of Nigeria

Diamonds Manpower Development Organization - working to make meaningful changes for the betterment of life in Nigeria

Disciples Film and Television Institute - DIFTI - an exciting and innovative venture in practical film training based in one of the worldÂ’s leading film capitals

Divertuous Youth Club Of Nigeria - a local youth club formed because there was a need for a place where youth can express themselves creatively

DU-UAH Computer Bureau Centre Limited - inspires and empowers the unemployed graduates, youths, children, their teachers and the entire people living in the communities around the region in spreading ideas through ICMT training and development

Ebony Widows Foundation - joins people together to help widows in need

Economic and Social Rights Centre - an independent, non-governmental and a non-profit human rights organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria

EFE - Negotiators - negotiate between lives and destinies to help people discover the purpose in their lives

Faith, Hope and Love Inc. - a Christian based organization offering many services in an attempt to improve the quality of life in Nigeria

Gayaid - bringing hope and liberation to homosexuals and lesbians in Nigeria

Generation2Education and Childcare Support Programme - working to reduce early marriage among school age children

The Glimmer of Hope Foundation - focuses on children and youth including their health, welfare and development

Global Conciliation Network Ltd. - engaged in establishing a religious congregation to promote works of mercy

Good Brothers - believes that by helping people, God will help you

Gospel Of Zion Int.ministry - a young Christian organisation growing to meet the requirements of the handicapped and less privileged people in our society

Gospel Sans Frontiers - works to raise the poor and needy from the dust and garbage

Gozika Foundation - non-profit organisation serving the less privileged and the motherless babies in Nigeria

Grassroots Empowerment Network - combats child labor and trafficking and fights violence against children, young people and women

Great Dream Technical College - a technical college to engage Nigerian youth in vocations and trades that will contribute to the technical manpower needs of the country

Heart Talk Foundation - educates the young to help them get a proper understanding about relationships and marriage

Hope Tuberculosis Foundation - committed to ameliorating the TB scourge and safeguarding society through awareness and eradication of TB

Human Friendly Development Foundation - an NGO made up of 30 members

Human Life International - dedicated to serving the poor and needy in a sustainable manner by establishing a sustainable farming vocational training center

The I Believe Foundation International - is committed to improving the education, business and careers of youth the world over

Ibprime - helps less privileged people suffering from HIV, AIDS or kidney failure by raising money for them

Ikoroduonline - a website for the people of Ikorodu to showcase their lifestyle and events

Information Resource Center - IRC - advances information communication as a tool to enhance and empower youth and researchers

Inri Widows Foundation - solicits support for windows around the world

The International Moral Pacesetters - aims to give inspirational and motivational talks

J-Conceptz - helping talented music artists to produce their albums

Kennedy Care Foundation - aims to help poor children, widows, widowers and youth living with disability

Kidz Alive Foundation - specializes in the care, protection and nurturing of orphans, children in distress, widows and widowers

Kingdom Proclaimers Ministries - a non-denominational drama/outreach ministry dedicated to soul winning through preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in villages, towns and cities

LivingWater Int'l Ministries (Grace Centre) - committed to building and preparing a people for God, who shall live by faith and grace in the truth and power of His word

Mathseng Scholars Foundation - aimed at promoting Mathematics and English education in Nigeria

Media Initiative against Injustice, Violence and Corruption (MIIVOC) - promotes welfare activities aimed at the alleviation of human sufferings and overall amelioration of society's problems, especially for the poor, helpless & weak

Mind of Christ Church - works to empower women through training programs

National Center For Youth Development - working for the eradication of poverty, unemployment and social and environmental problems around the world

New Age Spirit International Organization - a faith based, human capacity development and building organization

Niger Delta Coalition Against Child Labour & Trafficking - working with non-governmental organisations, government and donor agencies in Nigeria to combat child labour, trafficking and violence against children, young people and women

Nigerian Center For Human Rights And Democracy - a charitable, non-governmental organization aimed at creating awareness of civil and political rights, democracy and social justice, and redressing perceived infraction of these rights

Nigerian Observatory Group For Common Man Rights Good Governance And Sustainable Democracy - promotes self reliance among men and women, conflict resolution, good Governance and Democracy in Nigeria

Omambala Communications Forum - a women empowerment and poverty alleviation network

Passion House - uses an Environmental Friendly mandate to raise responsible citizens passionate about environmental sustainability and protection, climate change and sanitation

Phoster Foundation - founded to see every young person well equipped with all they need to develop into a responsible adult and make right decisions that shows confidence, increases competence, promotes character and guarantees success

Police Community Partnership Forum - strives to reduce if not eradicate the antagonistic relationship between Civil Society and Law Enforcement agencies and encourage partnership problem solving approach in crime prevention and control

Project We Care Too Charity Concert 2012 - is an entertainment initiative to raise funds and support for the neediest and less privileged in the southern region of Nigeria

Queen Indiat Foundation - working to reduce drug abuse among young people

rabbonifeedall.org - works rehabilitating the poor and bringing them to Jesus Christ

RealDreams4KidsInternational - provides a source of hope to homeless and helpless kids to help them become the leaders of tomorrow

Royal Missionary Outreach International - brings the city to the people

St. Anthony Motherless Babies Home - caring for the motherless babies of Nigeria

St. Mary's Less Privileged Home Nigeria - Self-Reliance International - formed in order to make sure we reach a stage of purity and put effort together to eradicate pain's tears from the faces of the needy and the helpless all over the world

Self-Reliance International - striving to reduce poverty, hunger and unemployment among the youth and women of the region

Society Of The Hearts of Mercy Less Privileges - our main aims and objectives are to help eradicate pain from the faces of African children, orphans, homeless, helpless, disabled individuals and left alone parents

Sonny Advance Links Technology - provides computer services and training to the less privileged and helps orphans

Strategic Empowerment Platform - a Christian Humanitarian Agency working to enhance the personal lives of youths in order to reduce crime rate

The Sword of Excellence Dunamis Ministries Int'l. - a multimedia ministry with the sole aim of winning the world through drama and film productions

Universal Foundation Limited - helps students in Nigeria get money from scholarships for their education

Treasure Box - a theater vision reality organization where people of great talent (most especially youth) can express the talent invented in them and to help people discover and manifest their talent

World Widows Foundation - being formed to raise funds for the support of windows and their children

Xecutives Poets International - empowers young people to take action on major world issues via poetry

You Care International Organisation - is a non-governmental oriented youth rehabilitation, development and welfare agency situated in the heart of Ifako-Ijaye Local Government area of Lagos State, Nigeria

Young Crown Leaders Association of Nigeria - provides a place where young minds are developed

Youth Advancement Project (YAP) - champions the cause of Nigerian youth

Youth-Society Development Alliance - provides an avenue where Nigerian youths find relevance in the scheme of things, especially in an environment with little or no attention to youth's development and children's growth

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