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Yayasan Bina Potensi Masyarakat (YAPIM)

Perum Taman Janti Block A-10 Sukun
Malang 65149 East Java

Phone and FAX # - +62-341-836402

email - yapim_ngo_indonesia@yahoo.co.uk

home page - www.yapimindonesia.org

Yayasan Bina Potensi Masyarakat (YAPIM) is an Non-Government Organization (NGO) that was established on January 18, 1990. The establishment of this foundation is based on the idealism of university students, supported by intellectuals from universities in Malang (started in December 23, 1989), seeing that the process of the ongoing development can not touch and give benefit to the poor or grass root level, since the development pattern follows the trickle down effect.

The development pattern results in the process of pauperization for the majority of people or just gives benefits for a minority of people near the center of power. It is accompanied by the fact that the minority have been exploited by the majority, so pauperization among the poor happens. It not only causes absolute poverty, but also structural poverty.

Seeing the reality, a group of university students supported by intellectuals from universities in Malang, made real action in the community and legalized Yayasan Bina Potensi Masyarakat (YAPIM) under a legal basis no. 49 signed by Notary Mrs. Juliani, SH, and registered in Ministry of Justice in Malang. No. 11/PP/YYS/I/1990. At the present, YAPIM is managed by persons having certificate of university with multi-discipline.

  • To assist and implement accompanying for rural community and poor
  • To give education service for children under 18 years old who dropped out on primary education level.
  • To assist life development to child labors working on public sectors.
  • To assist increasing for social life, economic of rural community and poor.
Vision and Mission

“To revere human rights by optimal whole potency owned by people to reach self-reliance by considering the power of human resources and continuation of natural resources."


YAPIM has done real action programs in the community in good cooperation with international funding agency or donor and other NGOs. The real activities of YAPIM in the projects are as follows:
  1. A Bureau of Protection and Advocacy for Child’s Rights;
    • Protection of child’s rights for child labor in an agricultural sector
    • Program to Give Service of Education for Child Labors In Formal Sector Integrated by Parent’s Awareness and Income Generating
    • Developing Skill for Youth Women and Girls who Become Labor in Public Sector (candy factories, cigarette factories and others).
    • A Service of Alternative Education for Children are 7 ­ 18 Years Old and Have Been Dropped out from Primary Education.
    • Program of Protection and Health Improvement for Child Labors
    • A study on working children : Newspaper and Magazines Sellers
    • A seminar and dialogue on protection for child’s rights for child’s labor in an agricultural sector
    • A training on cadres of child labor Accompanying
  2. A Bureau of Urban Women Development and Rural Community Development:
    • Empowerment for jobless women and the development of their business
    • Income generating for poor community life at rural through cooperative and productive enterprises
    • Empowerment Project For Poorest Families at Rural Areas To Generate Income Through Skill Assistance To Use Local Resources And Micro Credit.
    • A vacation training on skills development for poor and jobless women in order to capability to establish and develop small scale business will be managed by Women
    • Training of Business Start Up For Jobless Women
  3. Others:
    • Holding various trainings and seminars and workshops on community development
    • A training on acupuncture massage and introduction of traditional medicine plants

This organization has informed us they are qualified to receive tax deductible contributions.

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Visit the YAPIM home page.

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