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Lembaga Pengembangan Manusia dan Lingkungan

Jl. Klampok Kasri II F no 2
Malang, East Java 65145

Phone # - +62-341-558846

FAX # - +62-341-836402

email - lpmdanl@yahoo.co.id

About us:

LPMdanL is an acronym for Lembaga Pembangunan Manusia dan Lingkungan, (Foundation for Developing Human and Environment). It is an Indonesia NGO established August 9, 1992 and legal body organization based on Notary act number 02 in Mrs. Soepandiyah Darmawan, SH, and registered in State Court-Kendal No. WG.DB. HT.03 01.36. The foundation is dedicating itself to improve life of human beings and preserve environment based on human potencies with involving themselves actively for sustainable of natural resource and reach welfare of whole human life and rights.

LPMdanL always conduct activities for increasing human awareness of the environment with human active participation in order that they can get advantage of their actions in preserving and protecting environment and sustainable environment development to be used wisely.

To do all of the activities, LPMdanL takes base of non-racism, non-discriminative, not affiliated with certain religious and/or politic parties. We do activities with principle that all of the humans have equality and take an egalitarian approach in all of its activities.


Bring awareness toward environment so that human life rights are better.


LPMdanL's objectives are to help in educating, securing prosperous human life and preservation of environment by ways:
  1. Developing environment preservation and balance in development.
  2. Giving service in environment education and health.
  3. Settling community and social development, culture and economy by environmentally oriented ways.
LPMdanL’s Program:
  1. Developing organic farming for guarantees of life betterment of human being. This program be conducted by Concepts of program;
    1. Conducting demonstration plot for organic farming,
    2. Accompanying farmer to develop organic farming in their lands.,
    3. Developing food security by considering environment preservation, for example; developing local rice for food security,
  2. Developing income generating by environment-oriented. This program be implemented by program concepts such as:
    1. poor family’s livestock development, and farmer’s,
    2. Developing small business in rural areas by orientating sustainable environment.
  3. Empowering women in ability to manage environment in order to reach their rights. This program be implemented by Concepts of program are:
    1. Developing their knowledge and ability to master medicine plant in efforts to improve their health and other members of families,
    2. Increasing women's participation to determine environment preservation for their benefit
  4. Increase awareness on environment begin early age especially toward children in order to have sense of belonging toward beauty of health environment which since early they are socialized to have love environment. Then, LPMdanL use General Concepts of program are:
    1. Giving knowledge about environment to children not only theories but also on practice directly, for example with out-bound program,
    2. Supporting knowledge increasing about environment to children since early,
    3. Supporting children's participation to involve self to get rights in health environment for their life.
  5. Critical to structural policies that harm poor farmers and environment damage. This program including replace critical minds to monitor and evaluate structure policy related with human life and rights.
Experience in Field (Real Actions have been done): Since establishment in 1992, the LPMdanL Foundation has implement real actions in the field to bring betterment of human life and environmental preservation, such as:
  1. Cooperated with Agriculture department conducting dry farming at Sukorejo sub-district, Kendal district, Central Java province. These activities include:
    1. developed Bokasi fertilize for food plant such vegetables as rice and mace,
    2. developed demonstration plot for organic rice,
    3. training for farmers to master organic farming.
  2. Accompanied community in program of improving their health around Sukorejo sub-district, Central Java
  3. Conducted Health Reproduction seminar for women, Kendal district
  4. Cooperated with Mitra Dieng foundation Accompanied community to have participation in rural development at Sukorejo sub-district
  5. Accompanied rural children at Sukorejo sub-district in improving their health.
LPMdanL’s Personnel:

Chairperson: Is Sumarmanto
Co. Chairperso: M. Taufigurohman, BA
Secretary: Joko Nugroho, SE
Treasurer: Iriani Suciati
Community Health Devision: Liana SN. S.Kes
Environment Division: Agus Setyanto
Economic Division: Himawan Susanto
Development Research Division: Yoga Pramana, SE
Agriculture Division: Fantadhiru
Advocacy Division: Beni Karnado, Sag


Lembaga Pengembangan Manusia dan Lingkungan (LPMdanL)
Foundation for Developing Human and Environment
Jl. Klampok Kasri II-F no. 279 Malang 65149 East Java Indonesia
Phone: +62-341-558846
fax: +62-341-836402
E-mail: lpmdanl@yahoo.co.id

This organization has informed us they are not qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

Send Lembaga Pengembangan Manusia dan Lingkungan an email.

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