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World Integration and Improvement Initiative

L/A-4/303, Ajmera Housing Complex, Pimpri
Pune, Maharashtra. 411018

Phone - 91(20)762635

email - pka21715@telco.co.in

World Integration and Improvement Initiative believes in a world where the countries do not have armies, and security to people of all countries is provided by a democratic World Government. This will eliminate danger of destruction and save enormous resources which can obliterate poverty from the world. Based on the principal of 'Minimal and most local government', the World Government should perform only those functions, which can not be performed adequately by Country Governments, e.g. world security, major environmental issues etc. It believes that such an arrangement will be beneficial to people in all countries of the world and, after proper explanation, will have their support. When people desire such a world, then they will get it. WIII, therefore, is engaged in a public awareness campaign. It has been particularly successful with school children, who have shown tremendous enthusiasm. It hopes that people who are interested in true world peace will realise that their dream can not be achieved without elimination of armies which are the cause of security problem and not its solution; and that can not be achieved without people questioning the need of armies. The ultimate power lies with people, let us awaken them.

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