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Tamil Nadu Tribal Development Society

Church Road, Avur, Tiruvannamalai Dist.
Tamil Nadu

Phone # - (91 )4175 +227072

FAX # - (91) 4175+ 253120

email - tntds_dhas@rediffmail.com

WE are a registered Indian NGO facilitating a just and participatory social order where the rights of indigenous people, dalits and women are protected. Human rights protection through education, organisation and lobbying is the strategy of the organisation.

Tamil Nadu Tribal Development Society is currently concentrating on initiating a mass movement of indigenous people in Jawwadhu Hills in Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state.

It believes that tribal girl children are neglected from education the main stream of development process. So, it started and running some transit schools for them mostly depending on volunteers and local contributions.

Tribal community health is another aspect in which the organisation is promoting in the remote hilly areas where the basic health services are inaccessible and unaffordable. There are no hospitals and medical professionals to care them. The government system of health care delivery is also poor. They carry the sick miles together for even emergencies like delivery. The organisation trains community health volunteers like bare foot doctors to enhance basic health care services using primarily herbal remedies at the given situation.

There is wide spread illiteracy, superstitious beliefs that rule them. So, the organisation is promoting science among children which helps to reduce school drop outs. There are science clubs in tribal schools where the children actively participate in observation, inquiry and experimenting.

Any humanitarian support is welcome. all the support will be for the rights of the tribal children education, health of the tribal community and right to land, resources, indigenous knowledge property right and cultural rights.

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

Send Tamil Nadu Tribal Development Society an email.

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