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Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram

Pune, Maharashtra, 411 012

Phone # - 020-27143094

email - sarswatianathshikshanashram@gmail.com

Web Address - www.saraswatianathashram.org

Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ahsram is a unique shelter home for deprived, isolated, parent-less children who do not get any support from society. It is a non-profit organization located in Dapodi city Pune. The organization tries to bring light in their lives. There are 50 children in the home. Constant work has been going on here for the last 14 years. My efforts are to provide food, quality education and shelter to the children which makes them independent. That is our mission:
  • to provide a healthy education to the homeless children
  • to make an educational atmosphere to the children
The status of organization is as above:
  • non-profit
  • 12(a)
  • 80(g) tax exemption
  • F C R A
If there is any possibility to make a grant from your site, please do an appropriate action in this regards.

Thanks and visit us at: www.saraswatianathashram.org


  • Name: Devidas Laxman Survase (Founder President)
  • Address: Pilaji Kate Chawl, Dapodi
  • City: Pune
  • State: Maharashtra
  • Country: INDIA
  • Contact: (M)+91 9823243500 / 9822644506 (R) 020-27143094
  • Email: www.sarswatianathshikshanashram@gmail.com
  • Date of birth: 13-8-1963
  • Education: 9th Passed
Background Information:

I am from Usmanabad district. When I was 9 years old, my parents passed away It was a difficult situation to manage an educational platform to me. I was elder to my two sisters and a brother. It has a tragedy that nobody gave a shelter to me. I started begging at a rail-way station. A godfather, Mr. Kale, teacher admitted me in Vidarthi Groh for education. In the period I got a job in CIRT as a sweeper. I got married to Chabubai who is also from the Usmanabad district.

I have two sons and one daughter. They are studying for a college education. My elder son helps me in my business construction.

CIRT (Govt. Dept) : I have completed 12 years in the CIRT institute.

Why choose the social field:

When I was working in CIRT, I did not get any satisfaction. My heart always implored me to do something for the children. Meanwhile, I met Pornima Kamble. She was doing a social work with orphan children. I just suggest yo her my my idea and hence it Saraswati Anath Ashram was established on 12th December 1995.

Attachment with saraswati anath ashram:

For the last 15 years I have been involved with the Saraswati Ashram. A rental room has been converted as the own building of the organization. All the basic things are available to the children.

Background Information of saraswati ashram:

As founder president, I myself suffered the experience of an orphan child when I was at 9 years. It was a difficult situation. I was unable him to carry get an education. A situation allowed me to go to Pune for an employment. I got a job in CIRT (Central Institute of Road Transport) as a sweeper. I married with Chabubai who lived near my village, Limbala, dist. Latoor. We have 2 sons and a daughter. I was personally not satisfied in my job. I wanted to do something for the orphan children. At the time Pronima Kamble was doing fundraising efforts for NGOs established in Nagpur (Bal Adhar Kendra). Mr. Premkumar Shendey was a key person.

Accidently, I met Pornima Kamble and we a long discussion about the work started Saraswati Anath Ashram which was established in 12th December 1995.

In beginning, we did a basic survey of the PCMC area. We found 6 orphan children at the rail-way station and roaming on the streets. We admitted them in the Ashram. Day by day the number grew to 35 children.

At the time, we had no funds to run the program. I myself contributed my salary to fulfill the basic requirements of food-grains. My wife, Pronima Kamble and my brother, Mr. Kiran, also made voluntary commitments to do this work.

I delivered an interview on a radio station which got publicity to the local people. I also made an appeal in the Indian press for construction of an orphan home. It got a reply from the Telco Labour Union who built one room for the children. A few NGOs and well-wishers have also helped with this work. A few NGO`s like Vanchit-Vikas, Sathi has referred an orphan children to the ashram.

When I returned from my job, I constantly went to local donors who were willing to donate some food or rations or any basic things. I have developed good rapport with the well-wishers to make contributions to the program. I found I did not have sufficient time to manage all the things. For that the reason I left my job at CIRT.

In 2000, I have left CIRT and made a total commitments to this work. In this period, I have completed construction work of basic requirements. Now there is a small office, boy's room, girl's room, kitchen, toilets, bathroom and a study room for the children.

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

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Visit the Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram web site.

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