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Bala Vikasa Social Service Society

H.No.1-1-867, Sidarthanagar
Kazipet, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh - 506003

Phone # - 91-2459287

Cell #s - 91-9849165890, 91-9849844868

email - balavikasa@sify.com

Web Address - http://www.balavikasa.org/

Bala Vikasa Social Service Society based at Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India, is a registered voluntary community development organization working in the state of Andhra Pradesh without any discrimination of caste, religion, region, political etc. since about two decades. The motto of Bala Vikasa is “Help the poor to help themselves”. Accordingly Bala Vikasa gives importance in building the capacity of the target communities through effective motivation, community organization, exposure, training programs etc.

Bala Vikasa was founded by Indian woman Mrs. Bala Theresa Gingras who lives in Canada after marrying a Canadian Mr. Andre Gingras. She wanted to help the needy in her mother land India. So she started an organization SOPAR in Canada in 1977 and as sister concern to SOPAR, Bala Vikasa was established in India in 1990. Bala Vikasa is currently implementing programs in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh and is it is also catering to the capacity building needs of the NGOs at national and international level through a unique “People Development Training Center”.

Characteristics of Bala Vikasa Approach: Bala Vikasa uses Participatory and Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approaches in its program implementation. Organizing people, formation of committees, people’s participation and contributions are must in every project of Bala Vikasa. The communities are encouraged to involve in program design, implementation, monitoring and management. A sense of ownership over the project is created among the target communities which ensure continuity and sustainability of the programs and its impact.

Bala Vikasa works with different local NGOs for implementing different programs. We have a network of more than 50 NGOs in Andhra Pradesh in implementing our programs such as women, youth, water, farmers, community development and education etc. Bala Vikasa networking is working every year in about 2000 villages in A.P.

Description on the major activities of the organization: Women Integrated Development : Bala Vikasa initiated this program in 1994 to empower the rural poor women in aspects of social, economic, ethical and human. This program is implemented with 38 partner organizations in more than 1500 villages benefiting approximately 2,00,000 women, saving, micro credit, adult literacy, health and hygiene, water and sanitation, social justice are main activities. Through this program network about 5000 semi orphan and 1500 orphan children are assisted for their education. 15,000 widows are helped with special activities. Bala Vikasa provides regular capacity building to women members, program staff, women Associations, leaders and group members for bringing desired impact among the women, their family and their community at large.

Water tanks and bore wells: Bala Vikasa is assisting the rural communities since more than 20 years to improve the access to water facilities through bore wells and over head tanks. We have assisted about 2 million rural poor in more than 3500 villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh with approximately 500 over head tank projects and over 6000 bore wells.

Water purification: A community owned and operated water purification project was initiated by Bala Vikasa in the year 2004 to protect the communities affected with fluoride and other contaminated water. Today Bala Vikasa leads in the state of Andhra Pradesh by installing about 300 community owned water purification projects.

Tank desalination: Bala Vikasa is motivating and helping the farmers to excavate the silt deposits from the traditional irrigation tanks since 2000. Silt excavation from the tank helps in increased water storing capacity and application of silt in the fields by the farmers increases the soil fertility, decrease chemical application, increased production etc. We have now reached approximately 500 tanks in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This program is creating instant, assured and multiple benefits not only to the farmers but also to the total community. Education: To improve the quality education and environment facilities at Government schools in the rural areas Bala Vikasa is implementing a program in 200 schools in Warangal district. Drinking water facilities, toilets, furniture, plantation, motivation material, awareness camps etc are provided benefiting to approximately 70,000 poor students. Youth Development: Bala Vikasa initiated youth development program 4 years ago in 55 villages to help the youth in their personality development and also to make them part of community development process.

Community Development: This project is initiated this in 100 villages. Preparing village development committees and taking development activities and social justice activities are main objectives of this program.

People Development Training Center: This center established in 2002 is evolving as center for excellence in community development with effective training programs. NGOs, not only from India but also from 22 other countries from Asia, Africa, Europe and America are participating in different training programs organized by Bala Vikasa. Every approximately 500 participants from 300 NGOs from India and abroad get benefited from our training programs.

Farmers Cooperatives: Farmers cooperatives are organized for the benefit of the small and marginal farmers. Financial assistance for cooperative activities and technical training programs on cultivation practices are provided to farmers in 5 districts. Unity and cooperative spirit is fostered among the farmers.

Organic cultivation: Bala Vikasa is promoting organic cultivation in 25 villages of Warangal district to protect health and environment of the rural communities. 100% chemical free cultivation is being practiced by hundreds of farmers using the locally available organic inputs which are helping the farmers to reduce their investment and increase the profit.

Humanitarian: Housing program for Tsunami affected victims, welfare for the widows, handicapped and aged etc. are our other activities. BV is now planning to expand to Orissa and Karnataka states through water Purification Programs.

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

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