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Hispanic Amputees Friends Foundation - H.A.F.F.

Hispanic Amputees Friends Foundation - H.A.F.F.

8602 40th ST.
Lyons, IL 60534

Phone # (708) 983-4524 or (708) 447-4465

FAX # (708) 447-4465

email - haffvalle@yahoo.com

The Hispanic Amputee Friends Foundation (HAFF), is a Non Profit Organization registered in September of the 2005 and has met all obligations and responsibilities required by the Laws of the State Of Illinois.

INTENTION: The reason for having created this organization is with the purpose of supporting and helping the community of amputated that has suffered the loss of some extremity due to industrial accidents, automobile accidents, of diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. and / or congenital reasons.

To face an amputation is one of most painful and difficult experiences that a person suffers. Loss a member of our body changes an individual in many ways and forms, forever.

MISSION: Our mission is:
  • To offer emotional support through a group of amputated as well as with the voluntary support of professionals like physiologists, prosthetics, physical therapists and doctors in general and social workers.
  • To provide the financial resources in obtaining suitable prosthesis and functional assistive devices for the amputated ones that live within the United States and in their countries of origen who cannot afford to pay.
  • To serve as liaison with other non profit organizations and services in the community.
BENEFITS: Joining an amputee support group that has surpassed the amputation process can help newly amputated to understand and to accept that life does not finish after the amputation. It will serve to find the way for the amputee to be useful within society and consult with experts who will provide to amputatees and their relatives valuable information that will serve to handle and to surpass the amputation.

GENERAL: Membership is open to amputees and families without cost and also to Medical Centers, Non Profit Organizations, Corporations, Institutions, Community Groups and any person who desires to support and help the amputated ones.

Being a charitable organization, HAFF depends on generous and voluntary donations for their financial resources. If you wish to support HAFF, please make your donation through any National City Bank, account No. 610244207.

OTHER DONATIONS: We collect Prosthesis no longer needed (only their components will be use), Canes, Crutches, Wheelchairs new or used in good condition, Health Information related to amputation, Books on Self esteam and Motivation.

Interest Sites:
  • www.amputee-coalition.org
  • www.oandp.com
  • www.scheckandsiress.com
  • www.ropmglobal.org
  • www.nlm.nih.gov
! Thanks, your contribution is very valuable and helpful!

For more information, please contact:

Jorge Valle
(708) 983-4524

Email: haffvalle@yahoo.com or haffvalle@msn.com

Hispanic Amputees Friends Foundation - H.A.F.F.

Hispanic Amputees Friends Foundation - H.A.F.F.

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

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Visit the Spanish language version of this web page.

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