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Justice and Economic Freedom

1311 Eureka Street
Bakersfield, California 93305

Phone # (661) 322-1277

FAX # (661) 327-4820

email - Jefreedom@sbcglobal.net


All men are created equal and have inalienable rights to freedom, liberty and Justice for all. The right to the pursuit of happiness and economic freedom is guaranteed by the constitution, we need to help others as they loose their rights to miscarriages of justice and the lack of knowledge of economic opportunities.


Thru whatever means necessary we will attempt to bring about the freedom of those that are economically oppressed and unjustly accused and incarcerated. Assisting them and their families to get thru this period in their lives and rise above the vicious cycle that would keep them in the throes of mental and physical poverty. Submitting first to the will of God, and then using the laws of man to make life a better place for all.

This faith based initiative will attempt to do what others are floundering at due to lack of funds. First to Crest the wave of limited funds and bring the exponential numbers of the value stored credit card to the masses. Our program to disseminate this card to everyone who has a desire to start over, enter a saving program or just be able to rent a car to move about at will, buy anything that a credit card is used, where and when you want to will be the foundation of the organization. Will Rogers once said: “I would rather have a penny from one hundred men than a dollar from one”. This thought process is the one we shall use to fund the intent of the organization. Rather than continually beg for ads, donations and other support from a few, we want the very people that we are available for, to be the supporting arm of the organization. Of course if the Police Foundation and the many other individuals and entities that have a wish to support our efforts, we welcome them, the goal is to become economically free through a proliferation of a self help card that is acceptable wherever Visa and Master card is used.

This organization has informed us they are qualified to receive tax deductible contributions.

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