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Africa Rural Family Health Care Uganda (ARFHCU)

713 Ouachita Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

Phone # (501) 225-1834

FAX # (501) 225-6682

email - muguluma6@aol.com


It is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit public charity. Started 1998 by indigenous of Uganda, and friends in United States. The pioneer was Doctor Jennifer (RIP) a Ugandan born physician. She received her medical degree from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas. The organization is a corporation, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, has a Representative in Uganda.

The Purpose

Promote community health, teach healthy nutrition, support, and educate HIV/AIDS victims, the most vulnerable children and the elderly in a Uganda village.


The conditions leading to poor health, poor nutrition, poor quality of life especially in HIV/AIDS victims, children, and the elderly are rooted in poverty, lack of access to health care, lack of healthy nutrition education, lack of support for the most vulnerable children, and the elderly.


We will focus on promotion of community health, prevention of fatal diseases, education, demonstration of healthy nutrition for children and adult, education and support of the HIV/AIDS victims.

The Objectives during years 2010-2013
  • We have established a base center for activities in the village of approximately 1500 population.

  • We will educate 60 health educators a year, selected from local areas. These educators will continue to disseminate disease prevention information, healthy nutrition practice habits, self-help, and self-care in the community, support HIV/AIDS victims and the most vulnerable.

    Their education program will cover methods of adult training, attracting the community to participate, to attend organized education programs, and to put into practice knowledge gained.

  • We will educate 100 participants a year, in self-care, healthy nutrition, and prevention of local fatal diseases. We will emphasize the value of healthy nutrition to improve the quality of health.

    Their program will cover theory, practical experiences, return demonstration, and follow up

  • We will support those living with HIV/AIDS infection complications; encourage them to take care of their nutritional needs, improve their health, and prolong their lives. We will work with Ministry for Health to provide pain-relieving medication to sustain their level of comfort.

    Program evaluator will conduct periodical evaluation. make assessment, and report to director.

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

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