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What is WeCareToo?

WeCareToo is a division of TWT Marketing, Inc. As part of its corporate philosophy, TWT has always been committed to giving back to the community a portion of whatever it earns. This philosophy has been refined since TWT was formed. The result is the development of the WeCareToo website serving not for profit organizations and their supporters since January 1997

Our Goals For WeCareToo Are:

  • To assist charities and not for profit organizations by giving them free WWW publicity and help in raising funds.
  • To offer businesses low cost advertising and links to their own e-mail and web sites.
  • To offer consumers the chance to receive discounts, gifts and other incentives from participating advertisers and also place free classified ads on the WWW.

You Can Make a Difference

By reading this message you are taking the important first step in becoming involved. We will show you how you can help others while helping yourself. This is not a matter of just asking you for money. It is a way for you to receive tangible benefits for yourself while also helping not for profit organizations of all types continue their vital work.

We will not hide the fact that TWT will make money from this project. We will, but we will earn that money by providing valuable services to all the WeCareToo participants. Each participant will also benefit in various ways. We tell you how in our web site. We tell you how much TWT will earn. We show you exactly how you, your business and your organization will benefit. We answer your questions. Our ultimate goal is to maximize the benefits going to the participating not for profit groups and their supporters.

We believe that by being open and honest with you, we can prove to you the value of becoming a participant in WeCareToo. For now all we ask is that you invest some time in learning and understanding exactly what WeCareToo is and how you can benefit.

Let Us Ask You Some Questions

  • Are you interested in expanding your business by attracting and retaining loyal customers?
  • Are you a consumer who would like to receive discounts, gifts or other incentives for dealing with a broad range of businesses in your local community, across the country and even around the world?
  • Do you believe you can help yourself by helping others?
  • Are you a member of an organization that depends on public support to finance its activities or do you have a favorite worthy cause that needs to raise more money?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, WeCareToo can benefit you.

On November 7, 1994 the Chicago Tribune contained an editorial entitled "It's time to find the time." While written some time ago and directed to the people of the United States, its message applies as well today and to the whole world. Following are some excerpts from that article.

"The truth is that although the clock still ticks twenty-four hours a day, Americans seem to be losing time, specifically the time they once spent doing things they didn't absolutely have to do.."

"...A recent survey sponsored by a group of charitable organizations found that fewer than half of Americans...volunteered for some cause in 1993... "

"...The notion that they also have a binding responsibility to the larger community...does not come easily to overworked Americans."

"...it takes concerted effort to sustain a viable community and the active involvement of its participants is crucial."

"It is far easier to wring our hands in hopeless frustration over the social problems of the day than to get our hands dirty trying to solve them. But solve them we must. It's true we don't have a lot of time - it's true in more ways than one."

The editorial was published when WeCareToo was little more than a concept, but we believe it shows why we are doing what we are. We want to make a difference. We want to help our communities. We need your help to succeed. Together we can make a difference. Show you care. Become a WeCareToo participant.

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