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How Non-Profits Can Benefit from WeCareToo

Register and Get a Free Web Page in the WeCareToo Online Directory

WeCareToo offers your organization an opportunity to have a presence (or added presence) on the World Wide Web. Once registered, WeCareToo will set up a dedicated Web page for your organizationas part of our web site. Your organization may use that page to post monthly messages about your organization and its activities. The content of the message is up to you. We only request that you keep its length reasonable (between 400 and 500 words). You can also have links to your organization's own web site and email address (if you have either or both) simply by including them on your organization's registration form when you send it to us. We will also include up to two graphical images on that page. They can be a banner, pictures or both.

Click here to register and have WeCareToo set up your free web page on our site then use the back arrow key on your browser to return to this page.

Look Over the Optional Fundraising Programs WeCareToo Provides

WeCareToo offers your organization several fund raising programs that can mean additional funds coming to your organization from every business supporter you have and from every individual or family supporter you can reach. Your organization can receive these added funds not just once but each and every year that your organization is a part of WeCareToo.

Here are the programs we offer:

The Members Corner:

You can run a fundraising program for your individual and family supporters and offer them a premium of a free 25 word classified ad on the WeCareToo site. The ad can be to sell / buy / trade anything the member wants to advertise. We only ask the ads be placed as personal classified ads by your supporters and not business ads. They will make a contribution directly to your organization for any amount you choose. We suggest a minimum of $25. You keep 100% of their contribution. Neither you nor they pay anything to WeCareToo for the ad.

Click here to learn more about the Members Corner then use the back arrow key on your browser to return to this page.

Affiliate Program:

By joining our free affiliate program your group can earn an 80% referral fee on all business ad fees we receive from your business supporters. Subject to our approval, any business can advertise on the WeCareToo Web site. WeCareToo refuses to advertise Multi Level Marketing, get rich quick schemes, adult products, pornography and the like. The advertiser pays a fee to TWT Marketing, Inc. to do so. If your group is an affiliate, we set up a special section on our site you can use to have them place their ads. Each time one of your business supporters places an ad with us, your group earns a referral fee equal to 80% of the ad cost. This fee will be repaid each year the advertiser renews their ad.

Click here to learn more about and sign-up for the Affiliate program then use the back arrow key on your browser to return to this page.

Why We Are Doing What We Are

WeCareToo is meant to be a grass roots movement bringing together consumers, businesses and not for profit organizations willing to work together to help each other and benefit society as a whole. Your organization can benefit by being a part of this movement. Your participation can be either passive or active.

Passive participation only requires you to register your organization with WeCareToo. Once you do, some of our advertisers and members may decide to make a voluntary contribution to your organization. This may do you some good. But think what active participation could mean. Do you send out mailings, have a bulletin or newsletter, or communicate with your supporters in any other way? Do you have an active group of volunteers ringing door bells, making phone calls and doing the countless other traditional forms of fund raising? Think what using these means and people could do for your organization. What would happen if they were used to reach out and find members and advertisers willing to join WeCareToo for the benefits they will receive while at the same time supporting your organization? Can you afford not to find out what this might mean to your organization's fund raising efforts?

We know there are many people and businesses actively supporting worthy causes with both their time and money. We also know there are many others who need an incentive to do so. The WeCareToo concept benefits both groups. It offers rewards for those who already commit their support. It serves as an incentive to get more people to do the same.

Give WeCareToo a chance to help your organization! Simply complete and return the registration form contained on this web site. There is a link to the form at the end of this discussion.

If you choose to use one or more of the optional fundraising programs, sign-up and we will work with you in getting them up and running.

Registering with WeCareToo costs you nothing and can greatly benefit your organization and your members. Let WeCareToo start helping you to continue helping others. Please take a few minutes to complete the registration form now!

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