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How You Can Benefit from WeCareToo

WeCareToo members benefit from the discounts, gifts and other incentives offered by the WeCareToo advertisers. As WeCareToo grows, you will be given the opportunity to do business with an ever increasing number of businesses and service providers of all types. They will be in your community, throughout the country, and perhaps even around the world. Each of them will offer you something in exchange for your becoming one of their customers. Some of their offers might be small in value. Others might be quite large.

Have you ever purchased one of the "entertainment" coupon books that are commonly offered? Remember what they contained? Now imagine what you may find in the offers from WeCareToo advertisers. Not just offers from restaurants, but from every type of business and service provider you can think of. Offers not just in your own town or city, but all across the country and beyond. Offers that will become more and more valuable as their number increases while WeCareToo grows.

These offers will be available simply by browsing the WeCareToo web site. Find the ads that interest you. Deal directly with the advertiser. Full instructions on how to do this will accompany our acknowledgment of your membership application.

How much would you expect to pay to have access to the incentives WeCareToo advertisers may offer? We know of "entertainment" coupon books for restaurants in a single city that cost $50 per year. We know of a mail order house that offers you 10% off your purchases and charges you $50 a year to qualify. That means you have to spend $500 a year with them to break even on their special deal. We also know the only "cost" for you to become a member of WeCareToo is that you make a voluntary contribution to the not for profit organization of your choice. We would like you to consider making that voluntary contribution at least $25.

We guarantee your voluntary contribution will go to the organization of your choice. We do that by having you write a check payable to the organization of your choice for the amount you choose to give.We ask that you send the contribution check to us and include a stamped envelope addressed to the organization that is to receive your contribution. We will use the envelope to forward your contribution to them.

As a member, you may place a 25 word classified ad on our "Members Corner" web page. You can use that ad to offer an item for sale, request an item you want to buy or offer something in trade for something you need. The ad will run for a full year or until you ask us to remove it, whichever comes first. Your membership entitles you to one free ad each year. Your ad can include your name, phone number, address and e-mail address in addition to your 25 words. Additional ads can be placed for a $10 fee.

Is the chance to enjoy the benefits you can receive from the WeCareToo advertisers and the opportunity to run your own personal ad on the World Wide Web worth a contribution to your favorite charity? We hope you think so and give WeCareToo an opportunity to help you help others while you also benefit.

Want To Become A Member?

To become a WeCareToo member, you simply need to use the "Membership Application" link below to access a short membership application form. Please take a few minutes to do so and show you care by joining WeCareToo.

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