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Bookmark this guide as a handy reference about WeCareToo, your page and the services we offer.

Keep Your Page Current:
  • Help people find your page on the Internet - use our free registration service to list your page with some of the best search tools. The registration page is located at www.wecaretoo.com/Resource/submit.html.
  • Advise us if your e-mail or web site addresses change so we can update your page.
  • Update the message on your page at least twice a year - you can do so monthly if you like. Your message may be up to 500 words in length.
  • Send updates by e-mail to info@wecaretoo.com. Be sure to include your group's name.
Upgrade Your Page With Graphics:

You can add your logo, a picture or other graphic at no charge. We will add up to two images to your page. Send them to us via e-mail or tell us where to find them on your web site and we will post them to your page at WeCareToo. Be aware that any images submitted for addition to your page must comply with applicable copyright laws and the submitter agrees to accept any and all responsibility and liability for our use of the submitted material on their behalf.

Help WeCareToo Grow:
  • Mention us to your friends in the non-profit community. Let them know they can register their group at www.wecaretoo.com/Intro/registra.html.
  • Add one of our banners to your group's web site if you currently have one or when you set one up. Our banners can be found at www.wecaretoo.com/Banners/nonprofitbanners.html.
  • Consider telling your supporters about the WeCareToo mall. We will earn a commission every time they shop in our mall. This will help us cover our expenses. We only want you to do this if you do not use a mall of your own to raise funds. We don't want to compete for your supporters' dollars. The mall can be accessed from our home page or directly at www.wecaretoo.com/Mall/lobby.html.
Fund Raising Programs:
  1. Members Corner - This program allows you to offer a free classified ad on the WeCareToo web site to your non-business supporters in return for their direct contribution to your group. Neither you nor your supporters pay anything to WeCareToo for this service. More information can be found at www.wecaretoo.com/Intro/consumer.html.
  2. Affiliate Program - WeCareToo offers a unique and free to join affiliate program that is only available to non-profit groups. Join and offer online advertising opportunities to your business supporters. Your group earns a referral fee of as much as 80% when one of your business supporters places or renews an ad on the WeCareToo web site. Your WeCareToo page and the ad pages are linked together to create an online ad book that is accessible 24/7 and never goes out of date. A full discussion of the program is at www.wecaretoo.com/Intro/affiliate.html.
  3. Credit Card Contributions - WeCareToo does not directly provide this service. We will, however, help you use services that are available through Helping.org, PayPal or your group's own merchant account capabilities. Why only these three sources? Because, in our opinion, anyone else charging your group for this service is charging you too much and we will not help them make money at your expense. If you currently use the services of Helping.org or PayPal or have your own merchant account, contact us about adding a link from your page at WeCareToo to your contribution page. There is no charge for this service and WeCareToo receives no part of any contributions made by your supporters.

TWT Marketing, Inc. started WeCareToo in January of 1997. Since then, a growing number of non-profit groups have registered with us and more are being added every month. Our commitment has been and will always remain to provide the best service possible to the clients we serve. While TWT Marketing, Inc. is a commercial enterprise; we are a company with a real difference. Our sole purpose is to serve non-profit groups and their supporters. Please keep this reference guide handy. Help us grow by mentioning us to your contacts and associates. Our site belongs to you. Use it often and tell us the things you like or don't like about it so we can make it better. Our site name tells you our philosophy - WeCareToo. Our company name tells you what we are trying to do - TWT stands for building "Tomorrow's World Today".

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